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Fixgent is a repairs and maintenance hub aimed primarily at providing quality assured repairs and maintenance services to its customers. The world as we know it has changed; people’s life style and needs have evolved which then informed how best we can rise to the occasion of meeting people at the point of their needs At Fixgent, we work with highly professional individuals who have been trained and certified fit to deal with customer’s needs; this includes being emotionally intelligent enough to communicate and interact with customers to ensure objective service delivery.

We’re an evolving organization that keeps in mind the need to improve and adapt, considering the changing dynamics of the world we live in. We also understand the importance of time management; we at Fixgent are trained to keep to schedules and avoid circumstances that can lead to reworks hence wasting quality time. Again, the key highlight of our business is quality, hence our customers can be rest assured we’re here to give just that.

Our processes are pretty straight forward and designed to suit the needs our esteemed customers; Phone, Laptops & Other Gadgets Repairs: Once our repairs service has been booked, our dispatch meets up with you to pick up the device, we fix the device and our dispatch returns the device back to you in perfect shape.

Our turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours depending on the nature of the issue. Generators & Electricals: Once our repairs service has been booked, an appointment will be made for a fixgent to meet up with you at your desired location where the repairs & maintenance work is to be done. Other Services: The nature of other repairs & maintenance services we render is such that you tell us where to meet you up for your repairs needs, and we’ll do just that ..Remember we’re about your convenience and nothing more.

Our mission

To serve as an enabler to the needs of people and organizations, ensuring highest level of professionalism and international best practice.

Our Vision

To be the leading repairs and maintenance hub/market place in Africa.

Core Values

• Professionalism

• Integrity

• Quality

• Empathy



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